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Teaching is one of my favorite things to do. I offer clinics, workshops, and camps geared for a wide range of topics and abilities, anything from beginner bikepacking to winter ultra expeditions. I also am permitted and licensed to lead multi-day rides for individual clients in the Greater Yellowstone Region, my home and one of the best places on earth to ride. 

Participant and Event 


Need help picking gear, logistics management, thoughts on training, and mental prep? With decades of racing experience, I understand systems and can help you ride your best ride. 

Need a suggestion, guidance, or help in creating a memorable event? I've consulted with race directors on several big events and helped steer the bikepacking and gravel community in preserving its uniqueness and core values.



I love sharing my trail experiences, what I've learned and how it translates to business and to everyday life. Gravel, snow pavement, and singletrack, racing in deep cold winters in Alaska, Wyoming, and the Midwest or blazing hot locations around the's been an amazing journey. I think tales from the Tour Divide, Iditarod Trail, Trans-Am, Silk Road, and many more will inspire and delight your group.

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