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About Me.

Photo by Fred Marmsater

I'm an ultra-endurance cyclist and ambassador of the sport. I've been competing for decades at the pinnacle of adventure racing, gravel, bikepacking, and fat biking. I holds wins in long distance cycling events such as the Tour Divide, Iditarod Trail Invitational, and Silk Road Mountain Race. I love seeing riders discover and push the sport.



Ride Forward comes from a mantra I used in my adventure racing days: "never stop moving forward." Our team took that mantra very literally. It reminded us to be efficient, be aware of our surroundings, pay close attention to what we carried to survive and kept us engaged in all aspects of our journey. All these factors ultimately affected our forward progress. The "never stop moving forward" philosophy was so embedded in me I brought into my everyday life to constantly move forward with my business (at the time it was in construction), relationships, friendships, passions, hobbies and partnerships. It also meant to not have regrets or get bogged down in the past but also reflect and learn to move forward more fluidly.

Fast forward from adventure racing to hundreds of different types of outdoor pursuits and races later leading up to the start of my career as an ultra long distance cyclist that mantra still sat strong with me. Following that forward movement I made the decision to pursue my passion which started with a branding process. I was told to come up with some kind of tagline for myself. Ride bikes is what I loved to do, Forward was always my compasses direction. With that #RideForward was born.

Ride Forward is a way of life!

Mountain Biking

Ride with a Purpose

My purpose in life is to encourage, educate and inspire people to ride bikes for fun, health, transportation, sport and adventure, no matter their fitness or motivation. A healthy, fun-filled life powered by cycling makes happier people, safer stronger communities and a healthier planet.

The Fat Pursuit

While creating the Fat Pursuit, I’ve often mumbled that it will soon become the premier winter ultra of the lower 48, and I feel it is right on track. I’m not being biased, am I?  I’m driven to create something that is more than just a bike race. We are creating a truly memorable experience; a winter adventure you won’t forget.

Camps and Clinics

We know our camps are going to be an unforgettable experience and we sincerely don’t want fans and friends to miss out  on the opportunity!  If you have any questions about our upcoming camps or clinics you’d like to ask please fill out the contact form below and we’ll get back to you with more details.

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