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Great Divide Ride: Unearthed 2023
Photo by Eddie Clark


Ultra Endurance Cyclist

Ambassador of Sport

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I think "professional athlete" is a kind of one-dimensional way to describe my relationship with long distance riding. Even after 25 years of racing, I still love competing and being part of the community, and I especially enjoy checking out new events and routes. But even more than that I enjoy giving back to the sport that has sculpted me into the rider (person?) I am today. Providing experiences and opportunities for others is what led to the launch of my Backyard Series – the Fat Pursuit and the Gravel Pursuit. It doesn’t stop there – I love to speak, mentor and educate. I'm still constantly learning, tinkering, experimenting, and growing as an ultra-endurance cyclist, and I always want to share my take-aways with others. Check out the different workshops, camps and one-on-one consultation I offer below. 

Upcoming Opportunities

January 10-12, 2025
60K or 200K | Island Park, ID


August 10, 2024
RideCampCook | Island Park, ID


Sponsorships start with a relationship.  Sponsors are partners.  Partners work together to bring out the best in each.  I have built these relationships and am deeply thankful for them as they have helped bring out the best in me.

I believe these brands are the best in the Business! 


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